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Designer Chocolate Bar

Updated: May 25, 2021

Introducing the next phase of chocolates. These are Designer Chocolate Bars for Mother's Day 2021 edition. Idea sourced from Instagram. Three designs with three combination of fruit and nut flavours as below.

Chocolates types are milk and dark chocolate. The most popular being the Strawberry and Hazelnut on Milk Chocolate. My personal favourite is Orange and Walnut. Here's a glimpse into the production of these chocolate bars. The traditional front is now the back which also showcase the flavours. They look cool whether front or back.

Sourced for packaging from Alibaba, Shopee and Lazada before finally settled on the above. Choosing the packaging is a Chicken and Egg Question: do you choose the packaging first, then create the product; or product first, then choose packaging? Trial and error are part of the process.

Thank you everyone, for the purchase of cakes, chocolates and flower for Mother's Day 2021. Flowers are from Yen Floral, available whole year long. And now, on with the next celebration; Father's Day...celebrating the pillar of strength, support, love and power of the family.

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