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Branching into Chocolates

Updated: May 24, 2021

When and how I got into mendiants, I have absolutely no recollection. As with a lot of other ideas and influences, most probably it is from Instagram. Never heard of it till recently, even when I have been following all the chocolate works of Pastry Chefs and Chocolatiers.

So I researched on them everywhere on the internet. Mendiants are totally opposite of Bon-bons. All ingredients are on the outside, where as Bonbon, the fillings are inside covered with chocolate on the outside and the chocolate shells are decorated.

Mendiants are amongst the most basic types of chocolates and the easiest to make. Here's a link describing the history and tradition behind it. what it consist of, how to make them, and guidelines on storage and shelf life.

The first batch. Dark chocolate topped with apricot, apricot kernel and coffee granules.

These are the equipment and tools I use for tempering chocolates using the microwave method. A microwave, chocolate bowl (or any deep plastic bowl), digital thermometer and silicone spatula.

Two shapes are currently available, both using silicone moulds. One is the traditional flat disc, another is round.

First box of chocolates for Christmas 2020.

The Chinese New Year 2021 edition.

Incorporating mendiants into drip cake.

Among the versatile uses of chocolate products.

Small mendiants have big dreams.

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