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Sourcing for Packaging

The adventure of sourcing and purchasing of chocolate boxes to fit the Designer Chocolate Bar. So much trial and error but I managed to find the suitable box just a few days before the delivery date.

Ordered one of each to check the size. The longer white box came with the wrong base. Since it's a local seller so I got a replacement the next day. Plus decided to change the packaging and not wait for the initial choice from Alibaba. The two black thing is called chocolate inserts or holders, from a different seller.

The gold box came on the eve of Mother's Day. It doesn't fit the Chocolate Bar. Nothing is wasted. The inserts are the perfect fit for the box. Will use it for another design. By the way great service from Alibaba seller. Transportation takes 15-20 days.

These gold inserts are purchased from a local ingredient shop. Another perfect fit for the box. Looking at all my readily available boxes, more varieties of chocolates need to be produced.

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