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4 Creative Ways to Use Wafer Paper in Wedding Cake Decoration

Updated: 4 days ago

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A new age medium for wedding cake decorating that is becoming currently trending is the wafer paper. An obvious advantage is that it promotes speed in a world where everything must be fast, yet still maintain quality and aesthetic value.

What is Wafer Paper and its Characteristics?

Wafer paper is made from potato starch. They soften and melts when in contact with liquid, therefore melts on your tongue and is edible. Controlled amount of liquid will control its flexibility. When dry, its hardens back. Most commonly sold in white A4 size.

Examples of wafer paper wedding cakes
Examples of wafer paper cakes

What can you do with Wafer Paper for Wedding Cakes?

These are 4 simple trending techniques which I termed strips, fried, roll and panel. They are basic textures that can be attached to the fondant base. Further decorated with gumpaste flowers. The end result gives clean, light weighted and minimalist feel.

Wafer paper techniques for wedding cakes
Wafer Paper techniques for wedding cakes

Watch my YouTube Playlist on a collection on various ways to decorate with wafer paper on fondant cakes.

Next up after the basics are wafer paper flowers. Drying time is fast compared to gumpaste flowers. They are also lighter therefore will not weight down and cause cake to be slanted.

Below are two examples, an all white peony ensemble (2019), and a competition piece (2015) with air-brushed coloured wafer paper bougainvillea; ready coloured wafer paper pink and white peony; and gumpaste cymbidium.

Examples of wafer paper flowers for wedding cakes
Examples of wafer paper flowers for wedding cakes

At a higher level, wafer paper can be modelled into 3D sculptures which are hollow and therefore light as a feather. Excited to see the evolvement and progress of this new medium in the annual Cake International show.

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