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Wafer Paper

A new age medium for cake decorating that is becoming more popular. An obvious advantage is that it promotes speed in a world where everything must be fast, yet still maintain quality and aesthetic value.

There is a confusion between wafer paper and rice paper. They are not the same. Here's a link with reference for further reading.

What can you do with wafer paper?

I shall focus on the 4 techniques which I termed strips, fried, roll and panel. These are basic textures that can be attached to the fondant base. Further decorated with gumpaste flowers. The end result gives clean, light weighted and minimalist feel.

On the advance level, wafer paper is used for flower making. It also has the advantage of speed compared to gumpaste flowers.

Below are two examples, an all white peony ensemble (2019), and a competition piece (2015) with air-brushed coloured wafer paper bougainvillea; ready coloured wafer paper pink and white peony; and gumpaste cymbidium.

This flower making ability is one of its advantage over rice paper.

Up next, a look at rice paper techniques.

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