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DIY Wedding Cake: Elevate Your Cake Decorating with Store Bought Edible Image

Updated: 4 days ago

Edible Image are images printed onto edible sugar sheets with edible ink. Commonly used for cake decorating like printed logos for branded handbag cakes, think LV, Channel, Gucci or kids birthday cakes with 2D image toppers.

Edible image for wedding cakes are rare. Here is one shipped from China. There is a sample image of how it can look like provided on the seller's website.

Sample wedding cake with edible image
Sample Cake with Edible Image Sheet

Each piece is A3 paper size. The quality of print and fine details can be seen on the vase and 4 panels. Do leave a comment if you would like help in purchasing.

Step by Step on Preparing Edible Image for Cake Decorating

Below is a video on how to prepare edible image for cake decorating. It is a general technique also applicable for 2D toppers for birthday cakes.

Steps included are:

  1. Individual cutouts

  2. Preparing hard backing from Gumpaste

  3. Using Wafer Paper as a double-sided tape

  4. Assembling onto cake

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Additional Materials Needed

The advantage of edible image is the fine printed details in 2D form. I have added 3D elements such as wafer paper and gumpaste flowers, bamboos and replacing the Chinese "XI" character cutout from Gumpaste. Be creative and add your own spin to it.

Shelf-Life and Handling of Edible Image

To be stored in a cool and dry place in its original packaging. Hot weather will melt the sugar sheets and if exposed to rainy weather makes them sticky. Shelf-life is about 2 months before the colours start to fade.

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