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Cake International - Virtual Competition June 2021

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Here is my feedback on my cake submission to the world's biggest and most renowned cake show, Cake International. The Virtual Competition, enabled by Covid-19. Consider this among the positive outcomes as everyone now has the opportunity to showcase their skills without going through the effort and money to be on-site. Off course, nothing can be compared to being there, the annual cake show happening every November is still on for those who can travel.

A total of 20 categories to enter with a fee of £20 per entry and a prize of £200 for Best in Show. My entry is Category O -Wedding Cake of 2 or More Tiers. Adhering to the simple and clear guidelines given, below are the 6 required photos to be submitted.

Front View

Right View

Left View

Back View

Top View

Close Up

My objectives of the design.

1) Cake stand as part of the design. Hence the ombre tones...a clear underachievement from the pictures. Was surprised the judges manage to spot that, refer Judges' comments.

2) Introduce long thin leaves that would stick out and away from the cake body. Part of going for the contemporary flower arrangement look.

3) Simple calla lilies without stalks, from small to big, in a curved design. Again the contemporary look.

4) Straws as posy picks. Submitted additional photos for this. Again followed guidelines of not covering up the straws so that they could be seen during judging..

5) Lace design to fill up empty spaces. Used a 5-petal cutter to make imprint on cake, followed by piping and brush embroidery.

Straw as posy pick (left side).

Straw as posy pick (right side).

Judges' feedback below. I did not get a placing as the score is below the lowest award, which is the Merit award. I must say that the feedback is spot-on with all the mistakes i know I made, and them being pointed out accurately. Respect to the Judges for having sharp eyesight, my photos are not exactly with good lighting.

To summarize and prepare for the next round of competition, here is two key points.

1) Be a perfectionist. Redo everything that you know is not right. For example, redo the colouring of fondant for the second tier. So even if you have finished that task, and if it's not the shade you want, redo it.

2) Competition vs production mindset. Because you have to be a perfectionist, so there need to be more resources (time) and materials (money) allocated compared to production mindset where efficiency means being skillful in using time and materials.

Looking forward to the next competition. Start preparing by idea sourcing. I'll be exploring more on contemporary floral arrangement.

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