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Chocolate Works (Part 7): Mooncake Festival 2021

Updated: Apr 15

Chocolate Mooncake 2021

Joining the band wagon for mooncake festival (2021) with my version of chocolates and traditional mooncake fillings.

My last handling of mooncake was when I was a kid, helping Mom stir red bean paste.

DLA Naturals

I am more strategic with my choice of ingredients for this festive creation.

Couverture chocolates from DLA Naturals. A Belgian family-owned company based in Philippines since 1999. A blend of each chocolate type (dark, milk and white) was chosen. Especially like the very detailed presentation of information that is available on their website. Creative names are given to each blend. I've chosen Santo Tomas (dark), Dolores (milk) and Ivana (white).

For mooncake fillings, they are from Leong Yin Pastry

Based in Penang, the business is currently run by the third generation, with 40 years of experience, producing innovative high quality products.

Four types of traditional mooncake paste chosen. Lotus paste, red dates, green tea paste, and assorted fruits and nuts.

Four types of unconventional paste catering to new taste and trends. The durian paste, cheese, tiramisu and peppermint lotus paste. All are Less Sweet versions, following the general health conscious majority nowadays.

Another two is added at the time of posting. They are the Baba & Nyonya (savoury and spicy with visible dried prawn bits), as well as Pu Er Tea flavour.

The one paste of a different brand is the Azuki Red Bean Paste. Chosen for its originality and brings a difference in paste texture.

All ingredients used are from reputable manufacturers with the required certification and Halal accreditation from their respective countries.

Two types of packaging are available.

A red box with all 8 flavours.

The full package consist of:

  • 2 red boxes

  • 1 tea cannister with 4 flower tea

  • 1 thermal bag

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