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Chocolate Works (Part 5): Efficient Chocolate Distribution

Updated: Apr 15

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 finally happened...on 23 July 2021 - 8 August 2021.

The original Olympic motto : Citius - Altius - Fortius

has now been changed to Citius, Altius, Fortius - Communiter

as of 20th July 2021 to recognize the unifying power of sport and the importance of solidarity.

Congratulations to Malaysia's medal winners and all athletes. We have a silver from Azizulhasni Awang for track cycling, and bronze from Aaron Chia - Soh Wooi Yik for badminton men's double.

July has been a great month, and it's all about chocolates.

July 7th every year is World Chocolate Day. I have created another (my third) FB page and IG account, named them Chocolates and Pairings, created a new set of 6 flavours called Classics: Fruits and Nuts, and sold them via distributors and group buys in KL, JB and Singapore. In the process, I've worked through 3 chocolate distribution channels which will be the sharings for this post.

Deliveries by private transporter.

Consolidated orders from all customers in KL so that I could book a private transporter specifically just for my products. Mr. Wong is fast and efficient, with a professional 5-star service level. Some of my Ipoh deliveries and all outskirts are done by him. Other states are also possible. Leave me a message should you wish to send or receive any cakes or chocolates through this delivery.

One destination deliveries by Joel Vijay Anand (017-877 7602).

From Penang to KL, contact Joel and hop-on his monthly delivery schedule with drop-off and pick-up point in Bangsar, KL. Door-to-door is also available.

Best mode of delivery for group buys.

Long distance delivery from Ipoh to JB by Success Frozen Trading and Transport Sdn Bhd using their chiller truck. It is then stored at Azie's chiller in her bakery awaiting the next mode of transportation into Singapore. This took few days. As long as temperature is maintained, the chocolates are considered safe, and should reach distributors and customers in good condition. Be prepared for uncertainties like, last minute availability of trucks, change of truck drivers and pit stops. Lesson here is to be patient, have open lines of communication for last minute information, changes and most importantly, have the mindset of better late than never.

All these 3 modes of delivery are chosen based on how much care and concern the transporter treat goods in their hands. After all cakes and chocolates are edible, fragile and there is a need be aware of temperature changes. Secure packaging is also important in lightening delivery anxieties.

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