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Customised Creations: The Importance of Initials and Monograms in Personalising Wedding Cakes

Updated: Apr 15

Types of monogram and initials
Types of monogram and initials

Initials and monograms of the wedding couple added onto their wedding cake gives it a personalized feature. The styles and techniques used are depending on the overall look of the cake. It should blend in and complement the overall look.

Common Types of Initials and Monogram Design on Wedding Cakes

  1. Two alphabetic letters entwined together using beautiful calligraphy

  2. Using "&" or "❤" in-between both letters

  3. Full bride and groom's name in beautiful fonts

Often times, the wedding couple has already chosen their own monogram logo for their invitaion card. These could be easily transfered onto cake using suitable mediums such as royal icing piping, gumpaste or fondant cutouts, and painted, embossed, laser cut topper and etc.


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