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A Fully Customised Cake for a Crafter @ The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat

Updated: Apr 15

Happy 70th Birthday to Shirin. An opportunity to fully customise a cake for a crafter. The cake was ordered by Sabiha from Singapore, for her aunt Shirin. Much discussion was done through WhatsApp with pictures of craft work from Shirin's house taken with the help of her neighbour, as it was meant to be a surprise gift. Design of the cake was decided after some sketches.

Shikin and her crafts

Especially love the tablecloth made from ties, and incorporated the designs of tie hangings on the doorway. The painted pots are one of the main items to be on the cake. Others not shown here are more doorway hangings, wooden birdcage and a colourful abstract painted table.

step-by-step cake result

An 8 inch diameter cake with my usual 3in1 flavour. Shaped some fondant to look like tablecloth pleats. toppers are figurine with the face using a silicone mould, the pots and ties. Sides of the cake are fondant pieces attached and painted, with a gumpaste lace skirting using CK silicone mould.

The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat

The cake was delivered to The Banjaran Hotsprings and Retreat, an exclusive spa retreat located just 10 minutes from Ipoh town. In the short time of sending the cake to the coffee house, I managed to get some really nice pictures. Used the Canva app for posters and they look like real resort marketing brochures. Used Canva for the upper pictures too.

Thank you Sabiha for the opportunity. Happy Birthday Shirin. A peaceful, relaxing environment close to nature for a memorable celebration.

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Adrian de Cruz
Adrian de Cruz
18 abr 2020

It's Awesome...

Me gusta
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