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A Surprise Birthday Celebration @ STG Tea House Cafe

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Organised by Nushan for her good friend Anuthra at STG Tea House, Jalan Chateau, 5th October 2019. Nushan got me involved with making sure the cake table is deocorated and setup with the cake and balloon gift from Beauty Balloon. Then I had to wait for their arrival. I guess she's anxious for the surprise to go well.

The STG green matches our pink and white theme. A casual outdoor setting with lots of space to move around and not be worried of making too much noise.

But who would have guessed, it started drizzling. All settings, cake and balloon was moved indoor, upstairs to Chateau Hall. A dining area for groups and open for walk-ins when it is full house downstairs. There were already some tables occupied that time, being a Saturday night. When i left all tables were occupied. Good business!

Nushan has pre-ordered the food. Make sure you stick to the arrival time and not be late as they serve the food according to agreed timing. The birthday girl gets Smoked Duck Pasta and Lava Cake. in addition there was 2 kinds of pizza and 2 party platters consisting of satay, chicken wings, calamari rings and french fries.

Birthday girl surrounded by Mum, Dad, family and friends.

Happy Birthday Anuthra!

Credit to the ever helpful service staff in ensuring a smooth event.

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