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The Gifting Bunny

Alice in Wonderland finally has her Bunny.

I chase White Rabbit,

serve Red Queen brides,

work with Mad Hatter planners,

The above is the bio (also known as Intro text) on my personal Facebook account which I try my best to describe what I do. Basically it is an in-a-nutshell summary but if you read all my blog posts here, you will get a gist of the adventures of a Wedding Cake Specialist. This job title is self created because there is too broad of the job scope in this cake industry. You can try out everything, and should try out everything, to see the best fit for yourself. That is why even after 12 years, there are some things I have yet to explore or diverse into.

The Gifting Bunny is now the official name for my side business create by Covid-19.

Banner and icon are purchased from Sakura Vocal through Fiverr, a platform that provides all sorts of digital services which can be said are essentials for online businesses.

How do you like my Bunny?

Like and follow The Gifting Bunny on Facebook and Instagram for gifting trends and stories from the kitchen.

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