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What are the Key Strategies for Moving Forward in 2018?

Updated: Apr 15

In a blink of an eye, 2018 has arrived!

2017 has been great.

To keep growing, some things cannot remain the same, therefore there will be new pricing and packages introduced. Here are my key strategies for 2018.

For Wedding Cakes, no price increase for my dummy cakes. This is to encourage better quality and variety of hotel dummies. Hantaran and small 3 tier will also remain the same pricing to give customers an option of affordable real cakes. The bigger the real cakes are, the more expensive they get, logically due to bigger ovens needed, expertise in constructing, handling, transporting and service of the cake after event. The size of cake dictates the number of guests to be served, not all guests are served cakes at all weddings. Off course, the ultimate wedding experience would be the cutting and serving of wedding cake to all guests.

Dessert Table packages will increase to RM800. The biggest reason being the rise of product cost, especially dairy products. In addition, there will be a new package of RM2,000 which is comparitively more economical to cater to big budget events. Originality and creativity is key. So I have made investments in hardware. As well as planning a bigger investment in completing my formal pastry education within the year.

In terms of trends, dessert tables are here to stay. It is difficult to do both cakes and desserts at the same time, but not impossible. I believe that is a challenge for any Pastry Chefs. Dessert tables are more challenging for me. Try adding the wedding cake. Then you are on the way to being Jack of All Trades, and Master of All.

Another investment I made is the subscription to the cake software by Baking It. I mainly use the cake sketch function and am still learning, not easy at all. A good investment for impressing customers and securing orders.

I leave you with a video of piping chocolate on macaron shells.

Have a productive 2018. Towards growth!

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