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Adhering to SOPs during the Covid-19 Pandemic

We are in the second wave of the pandemic which means a second time partial lockdown known as Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO). Cafes and restaurants are allowed dine-ins with limited seatings. Take-aways and deliveries are encouraged. However, gatherings for celebrations and weddings are currently not permitted. So I'm back to updating on the happenings.

A three month respite from August to September has enable us to be back in business. Changes are apparent in how events are conducted with SOPs in place and also with cooperation of our clients and guests in attendance. Number of wedding attendees were smaller but the neccesities such as wedding dias decorations, bridal costumes remain the same standard. Smaller guest count also means the more attention to food preparation, production and attentive services while complying to the SOPs.

Among the SOPs are:

1) QR code and temperature scanner for tracking purposes

2) social distancing with spaced out tables of 6 pax each

3) table service to restrict movement

With all the SOPs in place, rest assured weddings are carried out just as efficiently as ever, if not better, in the hands of professional wedding planners, venues, suppliers and service providers. Below are compilations of wedding venues setups with SOPs in place. Clicking on the pictures will lead you to their sites for enquiries and bookings.

Enquiries for 2021 wedding cakes are open. Kindly click "WhatsApp Click to Chat" .

Get answers to questions like:

  1. What size of wedding cake should I get. All real cake or half dummy?

  2. What are the cake styles available and should I follow the latest trend?

  3. How to choose cake colours.

  4. I want to serve all my guests. How big will the cake be and how much is the price?

  5. I want the cake to be portioned and boxed and given out to both families and close friend. How big will the cake be and how much is the price?

Or book an appointment for consultation.

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Let's work towards 2021.

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