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A walk through on the making of the Johnnie Walker cake.

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

The Johnnie Walker Blue Label 2020 limited edition bottle for Chinese New Year features the rat which is the zodiac sign of the year. Ordered by Priya during the MCO period all the way from KL as a birthday gift to Balan in Ipoh.

The specifications for the cake includes:

1) money box filled with the amount of money equivalent to the price of the bottle which is RM950.

2) edible image of the exact graphic on the bottle to be wrapped around the cake.

3) laser cut topper to be attached to the money to assist in pulling out from the cake.

4) carved out hole in the cake to insert the money box.

5) carved foam in the shape of the bottle as decorative item (non-edible).

6) 3D figurine of rats from fondant

7) gold ingots and money using moulds

8) painting of foam bottle and details of design on rats.

Specs 1 and 4.

Each money note is inserted into clear plastic for hygiene purpose,

taped together, rolled and placed in box.

Specs 2 and 3

The edible image for wrapping around the cake as well as the label for the bottle.

Laser cut topper. Both items from Elly Zan, edible image and cake topper supplier.

Spec 6.

The free hand moulding of 3D rat figurine.

Final cake with all parts assembled. Missed out on documenting the carving of bottle. Basically its carved using a heated paring knife.

Happy Birthday Balan!

Thank you Priya for the opportunity!

Yikes! Left out the tail for all the rats. Hahaha!

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