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Covid-19 Times (Part 2): Business Pivoting to Stay Alive

Updated: Apr 15

All about survival, business pivoting and side products. We are in the midst of interesting times.

realine products to different customer market

Let's talk about the business side of things which resulted in me.want.cupcakes, a side product created and parked in a Facebook page and Instagram account.

cupcake as gift box

From the Mackie Mania experience, gift giving is universal and food being categorised as essentials during lockdowns are wonderful opportunities. And so cupcakes as gifts were introduced and the whole business concept is based on the product tailored for the gift giving culture or the gifting economy. Only one flavour is available to make production fast, with the concept of same day delivery. Meaning orders can be delivered on the same day it is ordered.

4 types of whole cakes on the menu

Eventually, people wanted a higher grade gift, which gave birth to whole cakes or cafe style cakes. Types of cakes to offer depended on customers' request. They ended up having a commonality, all of them has cheese frosting or cheese based.

all time favourite chocolate cake

At the moment there is only one chocolate based cake. Which is the Ferrero Rocher cake or sometimes called Nutella cake.

As all products are marketed as gifts, quality presentation and packaging is important, A one-off pricing is fixed to include cake amenities like candle, knife and topper, as well as delivery services.

As of now, cupcake gift boxes still has occasional demand and during festive seasons there will be promotions with special designs. Whole cake orders are available at a minimum of 2 days notice. The experiment with new cake flavour continues, feel free to make request and suggestions.

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