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Adopting New Technology: The F&B Delivery App (Part 1)

The pandemic is not over. Within the one year frame, there has been significant changes in people's lifestyle. The term 'new normal' is given to these adoption of new practices which will eventually become a habit and culture. In the F&B industry, it is the rise of food delivery app and riders.

Food delivery services which exist before Covid-19 grew in metropolitan cities because it provides much needed services as below:

1) cater to individuals and small groups for informal meals.

2) time saving with ordering at just the click of a few buttons.

3) no hassle in navigating traffic jams just to get food.

We see the rise of existing food delivery apps and emergence of new apps throughout the Covid-19 lockdown period worldwide. They will be here to stay when the economy recovers as people get use ordering food through apps and have them delivered, whereby freeing up their time for other priorities.

Its impact to a restaurant depends how deep the restaurant decides to adopt this new technology and adapt to the new lifestyle of its customers. It could open a whole new market. A market of customers looking for fast, wholesome and informal meals. A revamp or recreation of menu is necessary to tap into this new market.

It is a no-brainer move that I have jumped on to the app bandwagon as Merchant, listing my products under Sunfresh app by The company is growing with more merchants and users coming in. With Runningman being one of the partners, it is a very well developed food delivery app (IMHO), sticking to its roots of enabling food as low as RM1 to be sold. It also runs its own team of delivery riders and covers 30km of ordering reach. Nothing is stagnant, the app itself is constantly being upgraded according to market situations, and one has to grow and evolve with it.

I am also an Agent which allows me to recruit merchants and further grow my knowledge and experience in this new technology. I am looking towards reaching out to restaurants, hotels, and corporations who would like to know more about application and impact of delivery apps in the food and beverage industry. Presentations and staff training is my area of expertise. Write to me at or contact me through any social media platform.

To be a user,

Step 1: scan my QR code below, or click this link to register.

Step 2: search and download Sunfresh App from Google Playstore

Step 1

Step 2

Subscribe to my blog here for my Sunfresh journey updates. Stay tune to introduction of my fellow F&B merchants that I have recruited as of now and more to come.

My uplines. Ever ready with their support, assistance and sharing, because I am forever asking.

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