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A Wedding Invitation: An Opportunity to Sponsor a Cake (Part 2)

Updated: Apr 17

After catering to more than a hundred weddings, I have the opportunity to sponsor a cake! Initially I quoted a price, but changed my mind after seeing that the ROI of sponsoring outweights the price. Undeniably, I had a great experience throughout. Transversing with the family from Ipoh to KL, immersing in culture and tradition, and attending 2 dinners. Thank you for the wedding invitation!

Just as one would go all out to do a competition cake, the same applies if the event is worth sponsoring for. You can say it's my competition cake for the year. I could look forward to sponsoring a cake every year, and this event is a guide for future sponsorships. Expectations are high on my side as well as clients' side, as it is with any competition, but it needs a different set of rules.

My sponsored cake

Me and the cake. Standing next to it for size.

All fondant covered and ready for decoration. Fully dummy cake.

All covered in fondant and assembled, with castle topper partially completed. Cake board size is 30 inches diameter, with bottom tier 24 inches and top most tier 4 inches.

How the cake is transported

Transporting the cake in my trusted Perodua MYVI. The best compact car for delivery, as you can see, and the side doors open to 90 degrees.

Advance planning is need on how many parts the cake should be divided for easy transportation and assembly onsite.

Assistance by hotel staff

Syeun staff helping with the cake from the carpark to the ballroom.. He was actually posing for his friend. A good way to document his job.

close-up of gumpaste flowers

Five types of flowers: closed peony, rose, hydrangea, tulip and FMM rose. The bottom tier needed 20 full sized peonies to surround it.

Styrofoam cutout imported from UK wuth handmade castle topper

Castle topper with the latest cake fad, dummy styrofoam cutouts.

The fun thing about cutouts is that you can create anything inside and frame it. I have a pair of lovebirds and frame it with twigs, like a nest.

9-tiered wedding cake

The overall look of the cake with the LCD screen in the background. The table is decorated with fresh flowers, the size of them make my peonies look small. It is essential to have a cake stand to raise the cake above the flowers so that they are visible from below the stage. I use a wooden custom made stand.

By the way, I received a BIG tip from Datin Rufina for my cake. :)

Congratulations once again to Dr. Sandeep and Olivia, and Thank You for the opportunity!

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