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Maximizing the use of silicone moulds

One of the significant invention in the baking industry is the silicone mould. The ability to withstand high temparature resulted in various shapes of moulds created so that a product can be baked into the shape required either to minimize wastage, baking time or for its aesthetic value.

Silicone moulds used for cake decorating also means there are more variety of gumpaste decorative embellishment available to decorators. Some of these moulds are costly, creative use of them is an advantage. For example, using a mould with another material, using two different moulds to form a design, using part of a mould, and etc. In short, moulds are not meant to be used per se, therefore all moulds are good investment if used creatively.

A design which looks like hundreds of Champagne bubbles floating up.

The Pearl Border Silicone Mould and a roll of gumpaste.

A rolling pin helps to ensure paste gets into all cavities and produce an even, thin and flat bottom surface.

Make use of the flexibility of silicone during unmoulding so that pearls look round and unstretched.

Trim off side excesses.

Some dragees and their aides.

The overall cake design; bubble effect, brush embroidery and ruffles, with a laser cut topper.

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