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The Art of Table Setting

Table setting is the placement of crockeries, cutleries and glassware on dining tables in front of individual guest sitting, known as a 'cover'. Full knowledge of names of dining utensils and their usage are necessary so that the correct ones are placed in their correct position according to the menu.

Different types of covers for different types of meals, for example a la carte, table d'hôte, buffet and etc. There are no fixed or correct way as each restaurant is different and they have to establish their own covers to suit their menus and service convenience.

A full table setting means all utensil are placed on the covers to be used from the appetizer to the dessert. The menu would have been fixed before guest arrival. A standard cover refers to just the basics and more cutleris to be added or changed once the menu has been confirmed. Standard cover is also used for buffets.

Table setting is a dying art. Dining etiquette is also not heard of these days. Most meals are quick and convenient to suit the current lifestyle. Are table setting competitons still held during F&B tradeshows? Waiters' races are about the only still active event for service personel.

We had the privilege of service from Leesa of LoveDotCandy in setting up the table and private room decoration for birthday of Tuanku Raja Tan Seri Iskandar Dzulkarnain recently, at Weil Hotel, Ipoh.

Cutleries all ready for a Chinese dinner which includes Yee Sang tossing inconjunction with Chinese New Year.

The birthday cake I made.

Balloons, part of the room decoration. Current trend on coordinating the environment and food to suit the occasion or having a theme event.

Don't you just love cake cutting pictures?

Bouquet of chocolates by LoveDotCandy too.


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