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Ensuring Design Consistency by Using Templates

Corporate cakes for special occasions means producing several cakes which looks identical and this must be kept in mind throughout the design planning stage. The use of templates and moulds are necessary to ensure uniformity.

To obtain a template, you could search for a suitable free printable image online, buy an image online, or hire a designer at Adjust it to the needed size and print it. The above image has been modified after printing.

Transfer it to a cardboard for easier handling on fondant and gives it a better life as it will be reused many times. Use this concept for all popular designs especially kids birthday themes, football themes, etc.

Placement of the template on a rolled-out fondant which has been imprinted using an imprint mat.

Endless possibilities using cutters and any fondant tools.

Another example of using paper templates. Draw and cut out blossom shapes traced from cutters. Place together a maximum of 4 wafer paper behind the template while cutting. Too many sheets will make it difficult to cut the curve part. Freehand cut "V" at the petals to turn them into cherry blossoms.

To curve the flower, press the middle of the wafer paper onto a wet tower. The wetness will soften the paper and make it flexible.

Dry the wafer paper flowers wet side up on a drying foam. Attach dragees by brushing with glue gum.

Attached everything onto cake with either glue gum or royal icing. The plaque is by using a mould, with the Chinese characters meaning "Prosperity for the Whole Family".


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