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A Merry-Go-Round Party

A 1-year-old birthday celebration for Megan Lew at Mustard Sandwich House, Ipoh. Decorated by Wedding and You , an events and wedding service company.

Located in Ipoh town opposite Elin Church, within the vicinity of Ave Maria Convent and Yuk Choy primary school.

I very much like the idea of a covering the facade of the shop and at the same time announcing the event like a backdrop.

The entrance from the side.

Behind the drapes.

Also an extension of space.

Small burgers topped with onion rings. A combination of local and western food on the buffet line prepared by the establishment.

A real-sized merry-go-round horse as a prop and is the star attraction for the whole theme of the event.

The lighting and stars on the backdrop looks like fireworks.

A closer look at the backdrop and dessert table.

The topper for the cake is a lightweight musical merry-go-round supplied by Wedding And You.

Decorated cookies and cupcakes in pink, white and gold.

Cake pops using paper straws.

Macarons in two sizes.

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