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Looking Back at the Emergence of Wafer Paper as a Cake Decorating Medium for Wedding Cakes (circa 2014)

Updated: Apr 17

A frilly, bubbly and wafer paper peony cake.jpg

Phei Lin and Jun Hoe's Wedding Cake at Royal China Restaurant (my first cake to include wafer paper)

A frilly and bubbly cake, complete with a bride and groom topper and a furkid. Theme colours were given to incorporate into fondant frills at the bottom tier of the cake. Bubbles were also made from fondant. Introducing the wafer paper peony. The simplest flower to make.

An Update 10 Years Forward (2024)

It is currently the height of wafer paper usage because of its undeniable advantages. The most obvious being lightweighted, easier storage for flowers, and not affected by humidity. Production time is also reduced due to its quick drying nature. As with the current fast paced world, the adoption of wafer paper for wedding cakes could only increase.

Besides it being used for flowers, it is also used for the base by changing the shape of the cake body. A cake no more categorised into just round or square. They give off an ethereal look, with all white design being the most popular.

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